Terms & Conditions

Legal Agreement


The terms of the acknowledged hunting trip*2 day minimum

A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the agreed package will need to be paid prior to your arrival of the hunt with our legal waiver fully executed. The remaining amount of the agreed package plus any additional day costs and kill fees will be paid in full upon completion of your hunt.


Submission of an executed legal waiver is required, prior to any hunt. Click the “Download” button to print and/or save said clause. Please read the document thoroughly before signing.


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Executing this release is a condition of participating in the guiding excursion with Seven Anchor Outfitters and Livestock, LLC, assumption of risk and release from liability.
I hereby acknowledge the hunting trip i am participating in under the arrangements of Seven Anchor Outfitters and Livestock, LLC, its employees, agent and associates involves risks and danger which are inherent to hunting and wilderness travel, including but not limited to hazards of traveling on motorized vehicles and or horseback; hazards of carrying and being in possession of firearms and ammunition; hazards of being exposed to the elements of nature; hazards of being in areas where hunters are likely to be present; hazards of being and traveling in the remote areas and hazards arising from accident, acts of God, illness and forces of nature.
I further accept and assume all risk of personal injury or death, or loss or damage to property while participating in the said guided excursion including negligence of Seven Anchor Outfitters and Livestock, LLC, and their employees, agents and associates.